2000-01-21 :: 08:19:31

Wow it's been a while.

Well, Rock Star Boyfriend started an online journal on his band's website and I am prominently featured and mentioned in it... which is kinda cool, but kinda "oh my God" because the other night we went to see a friend's band play and I was introduced to some people and those people were like, "Oh, so *you're* Sundaygirl! We read Rock Star's web diary."


Since he's using my real name, I'm just hoping he doesn't divulge too-intimate details.

Anyways. Work is work is work and I'm needing my bed right now and my cozy, smushy dog to lie next to me.

Fridays make me happy.

Tonight, Rock Star and I go see a show, one of our fave bands. And the show is taking place right about the same time, and the same venue (and the same band playing) as last year when we started going out exclusively.

So it's kinda like an anniversary, but not.

I can't wait. I hope it's a good show.

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