2000-01-05 :: 14:32:15

Oh. By the way. That whole Y2K nonsense was nonsense. The biggest bunch of horseshit I ever smelt.

And anyways, the millennium doesn't officially start until 2001, kids, so relax already. The future is not now, it's 365 days from now.

My office decided to move without letting me know. This bit of news comes from the "Thanks For Clueing Me In Guys" Department. I walked in on Monday morning and the receptionist was like, "You don't work in this office anymore. They moved you downtown."

I stared blankly before making a conscious effort to arrive late every morning from then on.

It's going to be a fab year. Me and my new Cube Farm life. I saw Dilbert on TV last night and they showed their offices and the rows and rows and rows of cubes and I thought "My God! That's where I work!"

Sad when inanimate objects so perfectly describe every day life. I have to go pee. In the UNISEX bathroom.

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