1999-12-13 :: 10:52:54

I met High School Teacher guy at Bill's birthday party on Friday night. I was drunk; we danced. He thought I was "adorable." I drunkenly proposed. I think.

We hung out Saturday night. I'm nonplussed. This is because I am so tired of dating. He's sweet and charming and funny and all, but I wouldn't be thrilled even if it was a movie star or whatever. I am just disillusioned and cynical.


Bought a lomo for Rock Star Ex Boyfriend for Christmas. It's one of those snazzy cameras from Russia that has four lenses and takes cool action pictures. Bought one for myself, too, I liked it so much.

Nine days until I go to Greece. Wonder what's in store for me there, if anything. Hopefully something cool. It's always a good time no matter what, though.

I feel like I should be saying something significant, considering these words are some of the last I'll utter this century... but it's all been said.

Rock Star Ex finished a sentence of mine at the party on Friday. We were talking to this guy who had asked how we knew each other and I explained that we've been friends for about seven years now and the guy was like, "wow that's a long time" and I started to say, "Yeah, I mean, we pretty much realize..." and Rock Star Ex finished the sentence with "...that we'll know each other forever."

This seems important.

But I can't analyze why right now.

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