1999-11-22 :: 08:51:26

A weekend fraught with drama and torture. What else is new.

Rock Star Ex and I hanging out and not being able to keep our hands to ourselves. Then fighting at a party on Saturday night about my behavior during our breakup (which, I firmly stand by the fact that it's none of his business since we BROKE UP)but then we made up and he made me a tape and he brought it to my house and we had, um, make-up sex and then Green Eyed Angel called during the make-up sex session and it was awkward, but he had no clue.

And he wanted to come over. Which normally would have been OK.

But he could "only stay an hour." This made me livid. I may be juggling two guys, but I am in no way by any stretch of the imagination the town whore that he can book time with and leave when he's done. I told him promptly where to go.

He called back later to apologize, which I guess is a good sign and to say that he didn't mean to make me feel cheap and dirty, he wanted me to know that he was willing to drive all that way to see me even though he'd have to drive back to have dinner with his parents an hour later. I was like, "whatever." But it's all good.

He's coming on Wednesday to hang out with me before he goes home for Thanksgiving.

I told my friend Amy that I was going to open up a Daycare for all the Man-Children I have to deal with on a daily basis. They would pay a flat fee to stay the weekend, get a home-cooked meal, play video games and have sex. Basically, mothering and pampering. Mama's boys. The lot of them.

We are raising a nation of manchildren and since I've been assigned to mommying most of them, at least I should get paid for it. Ew. I said that.


Instant Messengering with Rock Star Ex and I am amazingly OK with his state of man-child-hood. Because I know he needs this time to grow the fuck up and discover what it is that he wants out of his lame life.

I've got Green Eyed Angel to tide me over. He came to the conclusion on Thursday night that he does indeed just want to have sex and fool around and that he doesn't want a serious relationship right now and his ex (who thinks she's gotten him back for good) is stifling him.

He comes back for Mama Sundaygirl all the time.

They all do.

I'm mother and lover all at the same time and this is why the manchildren are attracted to me innately.

It's a rough life.

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