1999-11-15 :: 11:40:26

Murphy's Law. What did I tell you? It was too good to be true. Green Eyed Angel Boy "realized" on Sunday (after I had paid $13 ONE WAY to sit on a train for two hours to go see him for the weekend and we had spent two days having sex) that he was still in love with his ex, and he had to break things off with me because it was something that he "just had to do." He had to either "follow [his] heart or follow [his] hormones," and he had decided to follow his heart, bless him.

What - fucking - ever, I say.

So I got on a train promptly and surely and headed home. Now, to add insult to injury, because this day was just not complete, I walked past Rock Star Ex Boyfriend's apartment only to see him MAKING OUT with some girl in front of his window.

What movie was I in on Sunday? Who the hell's in charge? I want to speak to who's in charge here! Can I get the supervisor of this life because I'd like to register a complaint!!

What - fucking - ever. Again.

I am so done with dating. So very, very done. If I never go on another date again for as long as I live it will be too damn soon.

Strange girls. That is what my life is filled with. All the men I am with are magnets for strange girls. And I don't mean strange as in weird, I mean strange as in strangers. Unknowns. Foreign bodies. Who think they're the shit.

I hate them all.

I want them all out of my life. Pronto.

He was beautiful. But it's over. Like so many other things in my life with that motif. Over. Done. The End. Adios. Goodbye.

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