1999-11-04 :: 10:34:18


Seems Rock Star Ex Boyfriend wants to patch things up. "Working things out again between us would be really good right now. But it's too soon."

Whatever. What-fucking-ever.

I have a Green Eyed Angel Boy on my side. And though I don't know whether or not I will feel as intesnely about him as I do Rock Star, I'm definitely giving it the ol' college try, pal.

I saw some pictures of him and this girl he's fooling around with. I sawthese pictures on the web. It makes me sick. I nearly puked all over my cube. She is not me. She can never even hope to match what I make him feel.

But it's not important right now. I know deep down inside my guts that Rock Star and I will eventually end up together, but I am having the best time with Green Eyes.

This is all that I should be thinking about right now. This is my time to do whatever I want and not have any worries.

I only wish I could convince my soul of that,

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