1999-10-28 :: 08:30:59

There's something about being able to watch television while you're on the phone with someone, and not feel like you have to say a single word. Just hearing the other person breathing on the other end of the line, and thinking "It's like we're watching TV together," is more than enough.

This was my exact thought process when Green Eyed Angel Boy and I watched the Yankees sweep the series last night.

One more day and I get to see him. I was thinking about how our first meeting after a week of separation would be like those war movies, where the soldier comes home after being away for so long and the girlfriend or the wife runs out into the street, arms wide, to greet him. And then jumps up into his arms and he swings her around.

Before I could say this to him, he said, "Man, I can just tell we're gonna be doing a lot of hugging the first couple of minutes we see each other. I'm going to give you a big Army hug."

He said "Army hug." He knew what it meant. And I was floored. I said, "You mean like in the war movies when the girl runs out into the street?" And he said, "Yeah, and the guy's carrying his duffel bag over his shoulder and he drops it to grab her and spin her."

This is what I mean, people. A level of understanding completely absent from my relationship withRock Star Ex Boyfriend. Not that comparing the two at this stage of the game is wise, because my thing with GEAB isn't even really a thing yet, but still...

I can't help the circuits warming up inside me...I can't help this stirring, these butterflies suddenly swarming in my stomach. I didn't expect this, this soon...

And to hear him admit he feels the same, it's like a secret message from the stars whispering to me at night that this could be something to get excited about.

Maybe I don't have to be the Queen of my living room anymore. I would lay down next to him and let him stare at my eyes staring at his.

One more day. God I want this to be real.

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