1999-10-27 :: 12:12:20

The universe sneezed, and in that fraction of a nanosecond when the universe had to close its eyes, Green Eyed Angel Boy was tossed into my path accidentally, while on his way to the real recipient of his loveliness.

This is my theory. My wires got crossed with someone else's, someone who's used to being so lucky so it wouldn't have been a surprise when she met him. But I got him instead. He came to me instead.

I hope it stays that way and the cosmos doesn't realize the mistake. I could really get used to having him around. Even if he was sneezed out at the wrong place and time.

He is going to teach me to ski and play chess.

He is, in the grand scheme of things, someone else's, but he's been sent here to me. I am more than lucky.

And my words are not big enough to even utter the whole of it.

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