1999-10-07 :: 12:45:51

On the upside:

There is a Scottish boy whose fire I light. He digs me hardcore, man, and he is cute and charming and a fantastic kisser and I can tell he'd be really amazing in the sack (should I decide to let it get that far -- and why not?!). His accent is completely disarming and fabulous and he's tall and blue eyed and he takes my mind off of my First And Foremost Problem.

He hasn't let me pay for anything on any of our three dates, and he can drink a buttload of beer and still remain composed. I love that.

And when he admitted his obsession with Q Magazine and the NME, I told him "I'm obsessed with them as well! I think I love you" and he said "I think I love you too," and really, when you say anything in a Scottish accent it sounds marvelous, but those words especially.


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