03.05.02 :: 10:00 am

My Boy and I have been working hard on his band's new page.

Hopefully, it will all come together and the work will be loved.

I'm scavenging for images, racking my brain trying to wrap it around codes and tags and meta this and h3 that and src and all that hoo ha.

So far so good.

You know when you look over at the person sleeping next to you and you remember when you first ever hung out?

It's like that day every other day.

We might be nine years older, but it's the same feeling.

Like we're one second away from raiding a student center and stripping it of some sofas. Or playing freak-out ghost-y games in an empty building. Running out into the streets at night for snow wrestling (if it were snowing).

I think we're each other's secret to never aging.

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