04.02.02 :: 4:43 pm

Right now, I am heading over to a secret location to buy goodies for the girls who are going to be rocking my girlie slumber party.

I have ideas, but nothing too spectacular, so I have to browse.

Too bad I put on my KillMyFeet Shoes (tm) for no other reason except that I am a moron of the highest order.

The Hovercraft (tm Caterwaul) dumped an assload of work on me, but because I'm speedy as fuck, I got it done and I'm ready to leave on time.

And with that, I feel the need to say:

People, please pause for one second and realize that this is my 1,000th entry.

1,000 entries and what have I gotten out of it? Who knows. HTML skills, at best.

Rock on, for I do sincerely believe I own this place.

Andrew should hire me.

Or something.

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