03.05.09 :: 8:29 pm

there are no jobs in america, america.
start hoarding shit and start screaming until the two activities run seamlessly into each other like a möbius strip.

besides this, however, is the far more pressing issue for an organizational OCD lunatic like myself:
Diaryland's archiving taps out at 100. So if you have more than 100 archive pages, you've just got to let them hang out all disorganized in your "older entries" page. Like a bajillion homeless orphans.

this sent me into a cleaning frenzy around the apartment the likes of which probably necessitates a very paralyzing dose of Paxil.

I am living the life.

You know what's good though? Here, I'll spell it out in pictures.

This + this + this over this.

= this.

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