07.15.08 :: 2:02 pm

there will eventually be time to write more about Oliver's arrival and his impact on our lives even in just 7 short days, but here's the rundown of the day's events that brought to life all those ultrasound pictures in breathtaking, splendiferous color.

Step 1: Have your water break and start contracting 3 days before scheduled c-section
Step 2: Don't be sure you're in labor
Step 3: Eat a box of white cheddar Cheese Nips while you ponder
Step 4: Realize those are the worst menstrual cramps ever invented and you are now doubled over
Step 5: Call the doctor, throw together random assortment of things you won't need into a bag and go to hospital
Step 6: Go in the wrong entry, spend a few minutes screaming for a wheelchair in an empty labyrinthine hallway
Step 7: Find Labor & Delivery, get wheeled into a room
Step 8: Wait patiently for your doctor to show up
Step 9: Get a shot to slow down labor, watch TV.
Step 10: Get prepped for surgery
Step 11: Freak out a little. Freak out a lot. Alternate.
Step 12: In the OR, make sure you tell the anesthesiologist that you love him
Step 13: Your husband starts crying
Step 14: You get shown a blue creature, screeching and writhing and glorious
Step 15: Your guts are being painlessly pulled to the ceiling
Step 16: You get handed a pink creature, rooting and swaddled and glorious
Step 17: Recover, slowly.

Total time elapsed from start to finish: 4.5 hours

You are my joy, my proudest moment, my finest creation.

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