2001-04-30 :: 2:44 p.m.

Mondays are my I don't like you days, but after some tasty moussaka from Uncle Nick's, I might reconsider. Let's wait and see.

Ruby has a date with her internet boyfriend tonight. She is so excited she can barely contain herself. Sometimes, I find it hard to believe she works in a synagogue. How she doesn't burst into flames every morning when she enters the place is a mystery. I can say that because I love her to the very death, but we don't deny the obvious: that girl has "sinner" emblazoned all over her aura. Well, and a sticker that says the same on her bedroom door. We advertise. I follow her lead. She thinks the good thoughts, and that's all that counts, karmically speaking.

I'd combust with her any day. We got redheaded soul.

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