2001-04-29 :: 5:00 p.m.

It might have been the sun hitting me all day. Possibly it was the steady flow of Sam Adams and Bass, or the regular intake of grilled meats at hourly intervals.

Whatever it was, I looked over at him tossing a football lazily back and forth with his friend under the four o'clock sky, and a new recording in my head switched on, and it went, "Oh...wow...."

Yeah so the barbecue was a blast. All his friends are really cool and funny and this one couple, C and P, are getting married in July in Central Park and they were just too fun and hysterical. While canoeing on the lake in front of the house, they asked us "So, how did you two meet?" And C goes, "Oh man, is she one of your students?" And we had a good laugh over that.

I fell asleep against his shoulders on the metro North train back to grand Central and then he kissed me under the constellation ceiling.

Still, there is a corner of me that will not allow me to fully release. There is a 5'11'' reason for this.

So tonight I'm going over Tallboy's for Sopranos and Lombardi's pizza. Small, good things.

Last night the girls and I went dancing at Don Hill's. I love Saturdays there. There can't be a more perfect mix of music. God love it.

Before Don Hill's, at Spring St. Lounge, while a very nasal Elton John song was playing on the jukebox, Ruby and I looked over at each other and sang "Hold me closer, Tony Danza," in unison. It was one of those girl moments you have when you know you're in the company of someone who really gets you. She gets me.

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