2001-04-26 :: 10:26 a.m.

From the (delirious at the)PATH Station logs:

"Nights like this I feel sewn to the sky and I'm imagining only two inches of space between it and the ground and I wonder if you're wondering how to do this and the answer is probably simpler than we are making it; the answer is in a park bench conversation with nothing keeping us back anymore. I want to stop having revelations in train stations at 2 AM. I don't think that's what they're for. So don't stop loving me and let's go then a little beyond the finish line cause there is so much thereafter. I don't think or presume I have all the answers. I only know a few undisputable truths: where my bike is locked, what year it is, and iloveyou selflessly to the infinite power. Spread the stars out with a butter knife, and lay underneath them with me, the blue against black settles my stomach, the fingers of grass settles my head."

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