2001-04-26 :: 10:09 p.m.

Have I mentioned that I think Meg Ryan and Sandra Bullock are the same person? Because, ok, check it out:

they both did the "wacky lady the lead guy falls for while trying to patch things up with his ex" (Sandy B's version - "Forces of Nature," Meggie's version - "Addicted to Love").

they both did their drunk movie (Sandy B's version - "28 Days," Meggie's version - "When a Man Loves a Woman").

they're both considered the girl next door

they're both milking the hell out of their so-called "quirkiness."

I am convinced.

I hate it when movies have theme songs with the movie title in the chorus.

I don't think I will ever tolerate a movie with Bobcat Goldthwait or Howie Mandel in it. Unless I am very, very stoned.

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