2001-04-21 :: 1:50 p.m.

I like parties. Even if they get noise complaints. I love a good time, good music, fun people.

Tonight, I'll do it again.

Took Stoosh to the park, met up with a dog park friend Martin and we had brunch and Bloody Marys over at Hamilton Ale House. He's a sweet guy. Tallskinny Swedish blond boy. We talked about girlfriends and boyfriends and banking.

Smoked lots of cigarettes and that's a good thing; to putz around and converse for a couple of hours with someone you don't know too well but would make a great drinking buddy.

So I want to do my laundry so badly because this Last Pair of Underwear business is getting tragic. But will I? Will I??

Lazing about Liberty State Park yesterday with the Stoosh, under cloud cover and salt air was the only way to be. I like the way you run.

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