2001-04-16 :: 4:22 p.m.

These guys never fail to crack me up, especially after a long, delerious day of package testing, and loading artwork.

This month, they rate utensils:

"Melon Ballers

The term "melon baller" is precisely the sort of thing that sends seventh-graders into peals -- or perhaps paroxysms -- of laughter. In hopes that any easily-amused adolescents reading this will at least learn the proper names for things, I will instead refer to them as "breast testiclers." Now, the important thing when making breast testicles is that they be perfectly round. Nobody likes a lopsided testicle in their fruit salad. However, as long as you select a high-quality breast testicler -- and a high-quality breast -- you should be just fine. B"

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