2001-04-16 :: 9:34 a.m.

From the waiting around the PATH station for a train files:

"You know what sucks? Knowing that the train will not even be here when I've gotten to the bottom of this page and that I will have to start another sheet and it will be the biggest bitch to transcribe my drunk musings should I choose to do so and assuming that any kernels of sense decide to pour forth from my brain and onto the PATH timetable pamphlet which is highly doubtful at 3AM and I'm gonna be up in three hours which is ridiculous and what is highly ironic about life right now is that I wrote down Drummer Boy's address on kiddie stationery from Japan that reads "Girl Meets Boy" but you know what I really do like? Very very much I like that he liked my email and that happiest equals together so yes yes let's let's everything dropped nothing could compare not by any star and I think the people who stumble in here at this hour are the most interesting, the drunks and the freaks and insomiacs and a Happy Easter to them all from me and my mother she was so nice she bought me cool shoes from Paris."

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