2001-04-14 :: 5:35 p.m.

Those RFTC boys know how to put on a show. I never danced so much in my whole life. What a blast.

All her friends were awesome and fun and tonight I'm going to a birthday party in Brooklyn thrown by her best friend and we're wearing skirts and being girlie and we're going to get our zest on. it doesn't hurt that one of her friends is adorable with a capital A and it doesn't hurt that he's flirty and nice and smart and fun either.

My Whorenuns might come to the party, too. That should be really cool. Assuming they can ditch Denise and Nana, they'll be with me tonight.

I love this weather. Let that be known. It makes me want to hold people's hands.

Oh, sigh.

It feels like summer, don't it?

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