2001-04-13 :: 1:04 a.m.

I have no running water in my apartment right now.

This, of course, is not news. Whenever my slumlord decides to "fix" something or make "improvements," he hires some numbskull to do the job most halfassedly.
Today, I guess, it was the plumbing. My new neighbor, his name is Kyle, nice to meet ya, told me earlier tonight that the plumber said the water would only be shut off for ten minutes. Guess what? It's one in the morning and I have yet to wash hands hair feet whatehaveyou and I'm getting pissed.

Kyle was drunk, by the way, which I thought was funny.

Oh God SLC Punk! is on again. Again. It's been on three HBO channels in the span of a week. Alright already.

So, no water. No shower. I'm desperate. At this point, it's too late, but earlier I wanted a hot shower so bad that I left a message on RSE's machine which will probably raise eyebrows but I don't care, dude, I need a shower. It's been two days.

My plan of attack is to shower at my mom's apartment after work tomorrow, before meeting at Johnson's for pre-RFTC drinks. I know I will be thinking about my shower all day tomorrow at work. This fucking sucks.

That and I had a date today with a guy who listed all the anti-depressents he's been on and it took him ten whole minutes. I wanted to cry into my beer and be like, "Man, I think I need your Zoloft now."

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