2001-04-12 :: 9:55 a.m.

So, one more day until the rock!

I can't wait. Apparently, there's a whole swarm of us going. Man, oh, man I can't wait.

I don't even care if Drummer Boy shows up. He won't, but whatever. If he did, I'm just saying, I wouldn't even care.

So, Liz's replacement, this woman named Heidi, is insane, I think. She's exactly like that woman with the annoying voice in the cube next to the lead character in "Office Space." Tooooo cheerful.

And there's this other girl, Mira, who's 23 and says stuff like "Smile!" on a Monday morning. Which, if you're normal, is the most offensive thing ever. She's married and has a baby. I don't know how she manages that and the ability to be so fucking happy after a weekend.

Then again, getting away from smelly diapers for an 8 hour stretch might make me that ecstatic, too.

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