2001-04-11 :: 1:32 p.m.

Oh my God. I'm so horrified with myself.

British Boy was in the copy room, and he was of course wearing the same blue stripey shirt, and something just snapped in my brain and I went in there, grabbed a magazine that was going to be recycled, sidled up next to him, rifled through the pages like I was waiting for the copier, and started sniffing, you know, as if I had a cold. Or I was a cokehead.

Well, he turns around, looks at me and goes "What are you doing?" At which point I go "Nothing!" drop the magazine, and scurry out of there.

Was I being too obvious? I thought I was Joe Cool in there! I am so mortified right now.

A sidenote: what I absentmindedly picked up? Perspectives: A Mental Health Magazine.

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