2001-04-05 :: 2:53 p.m.

Oh yay, Soldier Boy is back in action! As I was exiting the building to go get lunch, I saw him standing out in front of FAO and I think he thinks "There's that crazy stalker chick," because he totally smiled. This makes my afternoon, people. It totally makes it.

I had lunch sitting by the fountain in front of my office building. You know what I noticed? There were hardly any pennies in there. And then I realized that the maintenance people probably clean them out every day. That is so sad for some reason. I mean, people's wishes ending up in a bucket somewhere... that's pretty disconcerting. Then again, maybe homeless people take them when the fountains are shut off at night. I guess that's better, but depressing for a host of other reasons.


These are hand-holding museum days. You must know what I mean.

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