2001-04-03 :: 11:04 p.m.

Drummer Boy wrote me a song. A song. For me. About me.
And you know what? I liked it. I'm not sure anyone's written a song that was about me. I think maybe RSE did at one point, but his lyrics can be very obscure a lot of the time and you can't really pinpoint what he's talking about exactly.

But Drummer Boy's song was undoubtedly about me. And I'm so flattered and I didn't experience wagon-halt when he played it over the phone and it was really sweet.

When I see his band play live, it will be really nice to hear.
Small, good things. They make shit like not talking to RSE and the old crowd a tiny bit easier.

Do you know what? Do you want to know a secret? The song...it helps, but it isn't the key to what will make it better.

Come pick me up. Drive me away, kid.

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