2001-04-03 :: 12:05 p.m.

So I'm sitting here at my desk, boxing up foundations and creams and powders and every single jar and bottle seems to be "anti-" this or "anti-" that. Ant-aging, anti-wrinkle, stop the signs of age, Light Reflecting Powder, this and that and the other.

And I'm a little mystified. The makeup industry is horrifying. I mean, stop the signs of aging?? Why? Why is it bad to get wrinkles or, I don't know, actually grow old? Isn't that a natural process of life? And I'm sitting here packaging this junk that is somehow convincing women that aging is wrong. Or that their fucking faces don't reflect enough light. I mean, Christ on a pogostick!?

Don't get me wrong, I buy into this crap as much as the next lady. I have been known to raid the supply closets here for anything that will make my face glow like a freshly laid virgin on vacation, but it does make me think about what this place is trying to tell me and every other woman on the face of the earth.

That for some reason, our natural faces are not good enough, unless we spend our whole lives and savings trying to conform to a standard of beauty that is wholly unattainable and retarded and wrong on so many levels. God, and then we wonder why people are driven to plastic surgery.

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