2001-03-29 :: 1:03 p.m.

Girl Scout Thin Mints have become a lunch staple 'round these parts. Refreshing!

I hope these people start cleaning out the supply closets soon, and give away all the goodies in there, cause I know Ruby Redd Foxx needs some toner and Trixi Turner would like some mascara and really, no girl should be without a good foaming cleanser. I mean, I'm the biggest advocate of proper skin cleaning.

I'm going to keep this light and breezy today, kids, 'cause Le Tigre is on tonight and there's absolutely no room for glum, morose, maudlin shit.

We'll say that secrets are kept secret, and yours are safe with me, bubbela, you know that.

Tonight we fiesta. Tonight we have a time.

Tonight my Drummer Boy meets me at Mona's and rocks my world, inverting the bad side to it's reversible.

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