2001-03-27 :: 2:15 p.m.

Winter itch is killing me.

More specifically, my legs are destroyed. I can't seem to keep them moisturized enough. Short of dipping them into a vat of Crisco, I have exhausted all options. If there is anyone out there with advice, please, feel free to hang out in my lonely message board and dispense your wisdom.

A girl sent me an email the other day from the Netherlands. Just a note to say that she reads my journal. My ahhngsht is officially International! Whuppah!

Do you know what I'm craving right now? I'm craving the cheese that comes encased in a round wax shell, the kind you peel... what's that called? Baby Bon something? Bonne belle? No that's chapstick... well, anyway, I want the waxy cheese right now.

I'm gearing up for PMS. Without a doubt.

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