2001-03-25 :: 4:47 p.m.

So, last night I threw up before going out to drink, which is really a first for me. Totally unprecedented. And I can't explain why, or even speculate what the reason for riding the porcelain bus at 8:30 pm was, but needless to say, I booted and rallied. Got dressed, put on a face, and went out to party.

Don Hill's was a blast. They play the best music on Saturdays, I swear. So much cool stuff. We danced our little Whorenun asses off and boys bought us drinks and we took pictures and had a time.

Oh, tonight's the Oscars. Every year I say I won't watch, and every year I get sucked in.

Damn, it's already Sunday. And nothing accomplished. And no second job found. I'm so useless.

I framed the photobooth pictures Drummer Boy and I took together at barmacy on Friday night. We make me nauseous, that's how adorable they are.

One last thought: I would never, ever, in a million years, make my boyfriend dress up in khakis and pretend he was a fratboy named Todd. I'm just sayin'.

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