2001-03-23 :: 2:46 p.m.

Well, this is what the weekend's looking like. (On a lighter note.... sorry to everyone who had to sit through my ahhhgnssht)

In six hours I will be with my Drummer Boy, driving to Lyndhurst, New Jersey -- am I even spelling that right? -- for a big party in a big house. I like big house parties. Heh.

Saturday night, there's a Polaroid Party at Don Hill's, hosted by Ruby Redd Foxx's friend who just got out of the hospital or something. So it's a Welcome Back to Health party and everyone is supposed to bring some kind of Polaroid camera, like a Joycam or I-Zone or whatever.

I'm bringing my extremely good-looking friend. We'll call him Tallboy, because, well, he is, and also because that's almost his real name. Sort of.

I'm bringing him mainly for Ruby Redd Foxx, cause she would like to have a hot man to flirt with there. Also, I met him about two weeks too late because if Drummer Boy weren't in the picture, I'd probably be all over this little number.

Is it possible for someone to be too beautiful? Like it's painful to look at for a long time? Like you might turn to stone? He has insanely green eyes. Well, whatever, he makes me laugh and he's good company and he's smart, so if I can play matchmaker, why not?

So that should be fun. And then on Sunday, I don't know yet. I have no plans. That's too far in advance. Depending on where I wake up is where I will take my cues from.

Oh, and in other Whorenun-related news, our fourth member, Lindsay, has officially changed her name to Fiona Cater, which is funny if you say it really fast.

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