2001-03-22 :: 02:30 p.m.

I am not a very nice person. Part of the reason I will be sent to hell by Special Arrangement, Early Delivery, Priority Overnight is as follows:

I am secretly hoping that Rock Star Ex and HH break up right before their bands go on tour together. I think it would be such fitting punishment for the both of those jerks. The wincing pain of having to see each other every single night for two weeks is so delicious I can barely contain myself.

And why do I want their relationship to fail? Why am I wasting so much energy hoping it crashes and burns? Because they don't deserve to be happy right now. Either of them. He has not suffered as much as I'd hoped and she is just such an atrocious excuse for a woman that the thought of them in a happy relationship makes me want to puke.

The unmitigated gall they have to think that they can plan stupid fucking tours with each other's bands! That they would have such retarded, blind confidence in their moronic little worthless fling! That she is actually bringing him to a wedding in April that she told him about two months ago! Who the fuck does she think she is? Does she really think she is that amazing that he would even be around her in April?

Why aren't they broken up yet?!

Where is my Drummer Boy?? Why hasn't he called?! Etcetera!

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