2001-03-22 :: 7:32 p.m.


To those people who aren't invited to read this journal and still are, namely, Rock Star Ex's friends (and I CAN NAME NAMES) I just want you to know that I know some of you have started journals here too.

And how would you little fuckers feel if I were reading about your personal shit? Not too pleased, I bet.

And another thing. If you're all so interested in what goes on in my life, why don't you pick up the fucking phone and ask, instead of being all perversely voyeuristic and creepy and wrong and secretive about it.

You all dropped me from your lives and now you want to read about what I'm doing? What gives you the fucking nerve?

You can justify it all you want by rehasing the same tired old line about how it's on the internet so it's public, but nowhere in this journal are there any revealing details about anyone. No real names. Nothing. You found out because you're nosey assholes. And karma is awful. And I can't wait.

Oh and guess what. Rock Star Ex thinks you guys suck for doing this. And he's more than a little pissed off at you. More than he lets on. More than you think.

I hope this info puts a knot in your stomachs. I hope it eats at you from the inside. Knowing that he thinks you're lowlifes and that you can't confront him about it because you're doing specifically what he asked you not to.

If I feel I have to waste any more bandwidth on addressing your pathetic behavior, I'm seriously calling you guys up one by one and having it out.

In conclusion, suck my left one.

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