2001-02-20 :: 3:05 p.m.

you want to see if you'll miss me but what do you think you've been doing, what do you think that's called when you call her by my name, when you talk to her about me, seems to me like you've got it figured out but you're just hoping you don't have to admit it yet and if it's all about getting your last kicks in then go git 'em tiger . i never stop you from charging i never stop you from racing away cause you only ever find yourself turned around and racing back till you've slammed into me again but there's only so many times we can exchange the same information and i know it by heart, yours, i know us by heart . if march is any indication, if march can be trusted, i think you will think about me one too many times and she (in like a lion) will be out like a lamb. you know where my window is if you need it. i may or may not be asleep when you tap. if this is right if we are yes let's hope we're greenlighted soon. all the time in the world is not enough if it is right, if we are a go. if it is right we are lucky. if i've been right all along, i hope i'm forgiven for pushing it down, and you for letting me. sometimes it's "come back" sometimes it's "get out" but we're always "what if?" and we're always "i love."

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