2001-03-19 :: 10:15:57 pm

Rock Star Ex, for all it's worth, says he's happy that we're going to be friends, but every time it comes down to hanging out finally after weeks and weeks of not seeing each other, he's always with HH.

I know how she feels about us; I know that she thinks it's weird that we want to be friends.

I personally think she should first go fuck herself, and then take a very long walk off a very short pier.

Anyway. I can't stand the both of them right now. Two jerks very deserving of each other is a comforting thought; at least they've taken themselves out of the dating pool.

Drummer Boy called me. We're hanging out tomorrow after work. I'm so psyched. We're going to VIM to browse the Pumas and then we're going to the $4 theater and then to dinner. I love it.

Tonight he admitted he didn't want me to fool around with other boys and that he was very happy not fooling around with anyone but me. This makes my night.

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