2001-03-17 :: 1:19:26 pm

Last night was one of those nights that nothing could have gone wrong and everything was fun and perfect. I love that.

The girls and I congregated at Amanda's house for pre-Drummer-Boy's-show drinks where we played Taboo:

"Kids in the 60's did this,"
"When they cared!"

And we talked about having fake, vaguely porn-y names if we were going to be in the Whorenuns together.

Mine is Sharon Taint
Amanda is Ruby Redd Foxx
Emily is Trixie Turner

How gross/funny are we? Then, everything started becoming pornographic of its own accord. On our way to Drummer Boy's show, we passed by a sign that read "Essex Street Retail Market," except it was partially obscured so what was actually visible was "Sex Street Tail Market."

Clearly this is the name of our forthcoming album.

Drummer Boy's show was really fun. His band is kind of like the Lemonheads, which is always a good thing. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that he could sing quite nicely and I didn't experience wagon-halt like I feared I would.

We went to Motor City afterwards and there was a lot of hand-holding and introducing of me to his brother and friends. Before leaving, Amanda, drunk, said "I'll be expecting the cock report at noon tomorrow," and I thought she said "stock report," and we had a big laugh over whether or not we could predict if "cocks are up" or not... we are such vile beings.

Afterwards Drummer Boy and I went to Mona's where we met up with his drummer and some other friends who were really cool and funny and couldn't stop saying "Mona" like Tony Danza on who's the boss. It devolved from there, to us Tony Danza-ing "Angelaaaa! Jonatan!!! Samantaaaah!"

We hung out till last call and then we got to his place at 4 in the AM and fell into bed and just as we were about to pass out, he started stroking my hair and then a kind of "whoooosh!" feeling in my gut happened like a tornado and then, you know, stuuuuff..... and it was wonderful and fun and it couldn't have been any more awesome.

Breakfast at 11. Then he had to go record with his band. He said, in the taxi, "You are so sweet."

Monday we're hanging out again and going Puma shopping. He needs new ones, I need new ones.

I think it bears repeating that I haven't had this much fun since Rock Star Ex.
I am having so much fun.

You know how you go into a public restroom, and the integrity of every single stall has been compromised, and you have to pick the least revolting one?

That is how I felt about dating.
And then one day I just really lucked out, for no particular reason.

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