2001-03-16 :: 3:29:13 pm

When I get home tonight, I gotta do some maintenance.

I wish I didn't have to be self-conscious about stubble or unplucked eyebrows or unshaved pits and stuff.
I wish I could just be so confident in my loveliness that I didn't have to do all that crap before a date-ending-in-sleepover-and-potential-naked-loving-action.

But alas, I am a hairy beast of a girl right now and I can't wait to take a 3 hour shower to scrub, exfoliate, lather, rinse, repeat, shave, re-shave, upwards, downwards, until I am smooth and sleek like a little baby seal.


Anyway, yeah. Maybe (Goddess-willing) in a couple of months, Drummer Boy won't mind if my legs are kinda scratchy. Maybe he'll find it endearing and want to scratch his itches with my kneecaps or whatever.
This would make him the coolest boy in my small universe.

For now, though, we maintain. We keep it up. We make believe I rarely grow hair anywhere besides my head and my nethers.

Is that shallow? I don't care.

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