2001-03-09 :: 1:59:27 pm


I just got an email from Rock Star Ex and it annoyed me for some reason, even though he probably didn't mean to come off like a jerk in it.

He basically said that he was hanging out with Drummer Boy's bandmates at the Rocket From the Crypt show last night and he added that "everything was cool on my end" and that it was nice to be able to talk to them and not to feel "weird" about things.

First of all, who said I even cared if he felt "weird" about things or not? Who even said I thought he had to be friends with the bandmates at all? Who ever said that I cared what his relationship with them was?

I just felt like he thought I wanted him to be friends with them, and that's so not the case. Like, don't do me any favors, I give not a crap whether or not you like Drummer Boy and/or his bandmates.

And then he said something retarded about wanting to ask them to get HH's band a show and that pushed me over the edge. Do I laugh or scream about that? Like who has he become, their pimp? They couldn't get their own shows before him or something? Whatfuckingever.

I have this horrible, nagging feeling that he wrote me that email so I could go back to Drummer Boy and ask him about his bandmates talking to Rock Star Ex.

He can forget it.

I'm so over and out with all that. Someone congratulate me, please. This is a milestone.

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