2001-03-08 :: 12:29:34 pm

Seriously, I am a spaz. He called, okay, he called. And I've saved his message on my phone and I've listened to it about thirty times already and my heart just gets caught in my chest at "I'll be home at 3:30, so you can get me then, okay?" every time, every single time and I am such a spaz, seriously.

This can't be healthy, this swooning so hardcore.

I'm not even sure I can say why I like him this much.

Rock Star Ex is emailing me about the Sims and stuff and even though we used to play together and we set up a family (it seems like ten years ago already), I feel nothing. I don't even feel compelled to infuse my emails with any emotion whatsoever. It feels kinda good, and freeing.

If things work out my way, he'll be seeing and hearing from me less and less and less. Until I have evaporated from being his nutty ex-girlfriend, to materializing into a true, stable friend.

And just you watch. That will be exactly the same moment he realizes he wants me back forever.

My insides will be smiling.

The new guy at work is feisty. And by feisty I mean, he's got a smart mouth. Obviously, I need allies; we may have to join forces.

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