2001-03-05 :: 8:06:11pm

Driving back from Florida, we stopped at South of the Border for food and a bathroom break.

The place in and of itself was weird to begin with, all colorful and too bright and a little manic, and the huge animal figures dwarfed us. We felt high, though we weren't. it may have been the July heat.

Rock Star Ex and I sat in the back seat, afterwards, and drank fountain sodas and he made me laugh by doing stupid things with his seatbelt.

I remember experiencing nostalgia for the moment though it hadn't even passed. Thinking, "Already I'm remembering this and it makes me smile."

I filmed my feet in his lap.
He filmed the sun setting and the scenery blurring by. The breeze hummed through the car.

Later, when I watched the video I could see his reflection in the window he was filming through.

It seems like it didn't happen; like this isn't my memory, but someone else's. Like I bought someone else's version of a good thing, skillfully constructed.

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