2001-03-02 :: 10:05:27am

I'm hoping at lunch Soldier Boy will be playing out front. Who cares if it's snowing? I want to be the girl who uses her lipstick paint those red circles on his cheeks.

My Le Tigre CD just came in and I am having the hardest time suppressing the urge to blast it right here in my cube this very second. I'm so psyched. This will definitely be my "Friday-night-getting-ready-to-go-out" music later on.

Toy Designer Nate called last night in the middle of a very frantic and annoyed dog-puke-cleanup. I find I'm attracted to his body (his skinniness, pants-almost-falling-off, hoodie-wearing self) more than his face. That's wrong, isn't it? Yeah... I thought so.

I don't want to see any boys tonight. I want to hang with my ladies and just be foxy on our own and drink our drinks and smoke our smokes and pretend for one evening that I'm okay with being single and independent and on my own.

I have gone out on about ten dates and not one of them (besides Puzzleboy) really made me want to make out or tear my clothes off or even hold hands, really.

Where is that guy? You'd think in New York...I mean...this city is massive...

It can't be Rock Star Ex because, in that case, I will be waiting forever.

Only three more hours till lunch!

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