2001-03-02 :: 1:39:22 pm

Mania. No matter how much better I think I'm doing, seeing that I have an email from Rock Star Ex will still make my stomach catapult butterflies into my lungs.
Anyway, nothing major. All business, as they say.

Soldier Boy was not in front of FAO at lunch. Assuming I see him again on Monday, should I even say hi? It's ludicrous, isn't it? Yes. Yes it is. He gets paid to flirt, I bet. He gets paid to be super nice to customers and tourists and I'd just look stupid.

I want him to give me his number. I want him to wonder if I'll really call.

Anyfuckingway, I read the best haiku ever, courtesy of Poppycock:

"Older sister can
blow it out her Gucci ass.
Pills are in the mail."


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