2001-03-01 :: 7:46:22 pm

I just developed the wackiest non-crush.

It's on one of the guys who stands in front of FAO Schwartz, dressed as a toy soldier.

I was leaving my work building (which is next door to FAO) and he was all decked out in that soldier outfit, complete with tall hat, and red dots on his cheeks, and he was riding that ridiculous razor scooter around in circles out front. He whizzed by me and smiled.

So of course I had to pretend to look busy so I could stare at him secretly.

So I called a few people on my cell phone hurriedly and got to stalk Soldier Boy for about half an hour.

This now means, obviously, that I have to devise a plan to pass by FAO every day at some point without making it seem like I play with toys excessively.


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