2001-03-01 :: 12:00:28pm

Ow, my brains.

I probably should have gone home after the movie and not gone to Plant last night, and not had three whiskeys on the rocks, and not stayed out until 3 AM.

Because I'm paying for it mightily now.

So, after my haircut I met Puzzleboy in front of the MegaWhore at Union Square and we went to the theater and got tickets and sat down in our seats and he said "You look really nice. You clean up good." And it was sweet, but nothing else happened and we didn't even hold hands during the movie (how much am I fourteen years old? Yes, I know it) and when we walked out of the theater afterwards, we went our separate ways with a peck on the cheek. I cannot believe he was not tempted to be more daring. I guess he really doesn't want me "that way." Oh, well. Pah.

Plant was okay. I met Seth there and we hung out and he was cool and we talked a lot and then this other kid named Mickey started talking to us and he was adorable and trying to get rid of his girlfriend.

Then Seth and I went for pizza and he walked me to the train and he kissed me night-night, I believe, which was sweet, it wasn't all tongue-action slobberiness, I think he held my face and I got on the train and blacked out and woke up this morning all hazy and hating life.

The Texan called me twice, I believe, during the evening. I never understood people who leave messages on other people's cell phones from a noisy bar. All you ever hear is ten minutes of background noise and it's annoying to wait that out so you can delete it.


Morning blahs.

If I pretended to be looking for something under my desk, would anyone notice if I napped?

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