2001-02-25 :: 20:12:20

In the haze of my hangover, in my sleepy-waking state, i had the most insane dreams.

One of them I know involved having two pairs of shoes stolen by a cab driver who would not let me and a friend of mine out of the car. The sky was a crazy blue and my friend kept yelling "Just hit the brakes!" My shoes were in his trunk.

The other dream was about me having sex with another friend's ex-boyfriend in some stranger's room (who was also present). What this means, I have no clue. I do remember the ex-boyfriend saying, right before he entered me, that he didn't think I liked him because he was too touchy-feely when he got drunk. This is funny because that's exactly what I think of him in real life.

The last dream I dreamt I was on a cruise ship and everything in my wallet got stolen. And I was running down the hallways, clutching my empty wallet, and screaming "Why would someone want my membership card?! Why would they even NEED that??" And I am pretty sure by "membership card" I meant Rock Star Ex's band's "fan club." They issued funny cards with personalized secret powers and nicknames. And I was more upset about losing that silly membership card in the dream than about losing my Visa and debit card and cash. Absurd.

I have the worst hangover. I woke up at 6:30 pm. I took a painkiller and now I'm just dizzy. Uch. I feel like hell.

So I guess I had a good time last night.

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