2001-02-24 :: 3:08:04 pm

Puzzleboy seals the deal.

Called him, told me no go, we're "just friends" now. Apparently, he doesn't think we're "compatible" as a couple. And it's not because of Swiss Miss because he told her the same thing too.

So now he's alone, I'm alone, we're all alone. I'm so cheerful. I want my shoes back from him.

And where's Rock Star Ex when I need him the most? Catering to H.H., without a doubt. Well, at least we get to hang out on march 4. Stoosh's birthday, season premiere of The Sopranos... it should be fun. Unless he ditches me and goes over to Montgomery street to watch it.

People have the infinite capacity to disappoint me. I'm glad I have Laurie. I don't know what I would do without her. Seriously.

Well, in other somewhat good news, I got a job in the packaging design division of Clinique. Yummy G4's to play on all day. And I think it's promotable, meaning maybe in a few years if my film school desires fall through, I will be designing the boxes and the lipstick cases and picking colors and patterns...which sounds like so much fun.


I am so disappointed with Puzzleboy. With Rock Star Ex, with everyone. And I can't shake this sadness. I just wish people would stop disappointing me. It's not like I have such high expectations of them to begin with...and yet, they can't seem to give me even a little hope.

And I can't stop missing him. The one that gets away every single time.

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