2000-10-24 :: 11:36:44

Done and done.

No more.

Rock Star and I are done for good. Blah blah blah he fooled around blah blah blah deeper relationship issues.

And we're out. Over. The end. That girl is coming here on his birthday. Every cell in my body wants to scream fucking bloody murder.

I'm mad at him. Mad that he lamely says he "tried" to make it work and it didn't. I'm mad that he didn't really try. That we had love, passion, laughter, honesty and respect and yet it didn't matter. None of it mattered. "I was just a boyfriend" he said. And he dismisses our relationship like that.

Now he's no longer my love and he's no longer my friend. Two people wiped out with one quick motion.

He's sad and he wrote me sad Instant Messages of longing and lust and loneliness. And I met him at the steps of the public library and when we kissed and he held me so close and so lovingly, I knew it was where I wanted to be.

But it's done. "It could never be like this with anyone else," he told me. He told me that many, many times. And yet, Whatserface is still coming to visit him.

And he is excited to see her.

I don't feel bad wishing horrible things upon her. Or him at this point.

He murdered me. I gave him my heart and he totally left the thing to rot.

Well, he can tell it to his new little friend now. I'm no longer in his life. I am out. I am done.


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