2000-05-16 :: 09:50:06

I think I'm either getting seasonal allergies or it's time to change my contacts. I can barely blink without my eyes wanting to slam shut and tear.

This weekend was a blast. Ohio, several bands, I love touring with the Rock Star Boyfriend. "Meow, meow!" And other inside jokes make me laugh today. Chris Heartdrop was a fun guy, we all ate lots of food, drove in cavalcades, rocked out and got drunk. A very productive weekend.

I had a dream my dog could talk but the only thing she could say was her name.

Bought the Rock Star Boyfriend a color GameBoy for his summer tour so he'll have something to do while in the tour van for ten hours. I know he could've bought it himself, but it made me feel good to see him so excited about Zelda and other geekiness.

He still says stuff like "If we break up..." and "If we get married..." a lot of "if's." Like he wouldn't be surprised if either happened.

I love him more than life itself sometimes it seems. I just want things to work out forever.

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