2000-05-09 :: 08:11:06

Dating a rock star sucks. There, I've said it.

Rock Star Boyfriend doesn't have time to hang out with me this week because his band is recording two CD EP's. Oh well. I know I have to just deal with it and find other stuff to do and whatever, but it gets so damn lonely sometimes.

He should just marry a groupie and get it over with. I certainly am not going to follow him around the country like a crazed love-sick teenager. Whatever.

I bought a lottery ticket. $325 Million sounds pretty good to me right now, but the news last night told me I have a better chance of getting struck by lightning. Twice. I'll take my chances. I'm feeling pretty lucky today.

Anything to get me out of becoming office manager. I don't want that at all, but it's more money. And I'm certainly not going to quit my job to be supported by the Rock Star. That's so...yuck.

My friend got committed to a psych ward by accident this weekend. That was interesting. She's OK but I was a little mystified and scared.


No AC at work today and it's about 94 degrees inside and out. Hopefully I get to leave early again today. But with the lights turned off it's considerably cooler. Still. I'm sitting in the dark here.

Hm. Poetic.

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